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Viruses And Spyware
Sometimes spyware programs can become so embedded in your computer system that it is almost impossible to deal with it. For example, your computer may not be able to start up or open its internet browser anymore or a run very slow that makes it impossible to work with it. In these cases, you may want to contact a local computer technician, who knows how to fix the problem. A method, for removing spyware is to go through removing files and making system changes manually, this is what we do at On-Site Computer, analyze, compare and verify system files, driver files, programs and data files, as well as, going to each folder in your computer and checking for spyware or suspicious files. This is a more complex method, as each type of Spyware behaves differently, and requires a certain level of technical expertise to know how and to know what.
Business Network or Home Network
Our technical experts will set-up, configure and test your desktop, laptop, or server to connect to your existing network or reconfigure the entire network if requested.
Optimize your computer systems to access intranet and internet faster, also determine the best browser settings for faster Internet surfing, as well as, optimal settings to maximize your computer performance.
Computer System Diagnostics
Computers are wonderful as they can be, but they also can be extremely frustrating when computer problems arise. Probably the most frustrating problems that users experience are with startup issues, when the computer simple won’t boot, and the most annoying are the error messages you constantly run into during the startup process. On-Site Computer can solve any computer problems. Hardware Installation, Upgrade and Troubleshooting. Finding the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness or Internet problems as well as ... Power Supply Failure,Video Card Diagnostics, Video Performance, CPU, RAM and Motherboard Troubleshooting, Motherboard, CPU and RAM Performance, Hard Drive Failure, Hard Drive Performance, CD and DVD Troubleshooting, CD and DVD Recording Problems, Modem Failure, Modem Performance, Sound Card Diagnostics, Sound and Game Controller Performance, Network Troubleshooting, SCSI Failure, Peripheral Failure, Conflict Resolution.Desktops, Laptops and Servers.
Support for your Server, desktop computer, laptops and their components including video/sounds Cards, Ethernet Cards and adapters, CD/DVD, modems and routers, including peripherals like setting up your printer and multi-functional devices. Install and configure settings for external devices, like CD/DVD ROM, digital camera, web cam, etc..
We can get your PC back up and running fast and efficiently, so you can get on with your life and make the most of you computer.
Backup! Backup! Backup!
Establishing a periodic data backup strategy is the essential best way to get prepared in the event of data loss or data damage. Periodic backups are required to ensure business continuity in case of an accident such as a hard-drive failure or attack. In a networked environment, full and incremental data back-ups can be programmed to take place at regular intervals.
Our IT Computer service provide comprehensive support for all your business computers. The computer support specialists provide server, desktop and laptop technical support for all brand name laptops, software and hardware including all peripherals.
We promptly install, configure and test your computer’s hardware, keeping downtime at minimum and maximizing productivity.
Computer Setup and Configuration
Our Computer Experts will deliver your computer and set it up. Our Computer Technician takes the time to ensure all your peripherals work and gets you connected to the internet.